Our modular Frostgrave

About a year ago my gaming group decided to collaborate on a terrain board to prepare for the release of Frostgrave 2nd Edition. After some back-and-forth in our Slack team, we agreed to build modular tiles using shared standards for certain key geometries and base coat colors. We could consult each other remotely, build in … Continue reading Our modular Frostgrave

Mustering my SAGA troops for Oathmark

I plan to give Oathmark a try. With a SAGA: Age of Magic Great Kingdoms warband more or less finished and materials for a second The Horde warband on sprues, I decided to combine them into a rare alliance between the squabbling barons of Glostmurk in our homebrew world of Uthdyn. These petty nobles united … Continue reading Mustering my SAGA troops for Oathmark