Mustering for Fantastic Battles

I intend to play small-scale mass battles again soon, thanks to the miracles of 3d printing and digital print-on-demand publishing. Forces muster for Nic Wright's Fantastic Battles This started when I first saw Forest Dragon's beautiful 10mm digital sculpts. After snatching up files for a pair of opposing armies, I hunted around the web for … Continue reading Mustering for Fantastic Battles

Grimdark Future: The Infected City

Comrade Patrick shares a battle report of last weekend's game of Grimdark Future Firefight! We had four players forming two teams with 600 pts per side - quite a Sunday afternoon brawl! We’ve been dipping a toe into the wonderful, rules-lite world of One Page Rules lately, and I finally had an opportunity to take … Continue reading Grimdark Future: The Infected City

Speed painting Imperial Guard test models with oil paints

Inspiration Marco Frisoni mini painting tutorials get me excited to sit down and try things. When he tossed out a "this is already quite interesting" remark halfway through this week's video on oil painting, I couldn't help but think "you're right Marco, I should speed paint an Imperial Guard army like this!" I've been orbiting … Continue reading Speed painting Imperial Guard test models with oil paints