Stargrave Dead or Alive: pursuit of Tamix Phage

In my first ever game of Stargrave, the crew of the Errant Wanderer chased down a bounty named Tamix Phage in a solo scenario from the free Dead or Alive mini-expansion. Dead or Alive gives rules for randomly generating various bounty hunting jobs your crew can embark on, with special rules for using decision trees … Continue reading Stargrave Dead or Alive: pursuit of Tamix Phage

Frostgrave: The Silent Tower

My friend Patrick published a battle report from our recent game of Frostgrave. Go check it out! (That marauding bear mauled two of my warband to death, but Elder Futhark the Sigilist didn't mind. They're called expendable thugs for a reason...) The next scenario in our Frostgrave campaign was straight out of the second edition … Continue reading Frostgrave: The Silent Tower

Modular Frostgrave utility pieces

I built several versatile terrain pieces to supplement the standard board tiles in our collaborative modular Frostgrave terrain board. These "utility pieces" are helpful for breaking up boring flat areas, blocking line of site, providing traversal, and approximating urban features. Let me give you a tour. The building blocks of fun Dungeon tiles and stackers … Continue reading Modular Frostgrave utility pieces