Epicalypse 40K

My friend Vince and I decided to play Warhammer 40K Apocalypse at 6 mm scale. It started with the annual Apoc-Luck In December my local group conducted our annual Apocalypse wargame and holiday potluck event, "Apoc-luck" (Check out our events from 2017, 2018, and 2019). Power level 1500 40K Apocalypse is my favorite Games Workshop … Continue reading Epicalypse 40K

Majesticon Day 1: Nightwatch and Open Combat

Circumstances permitted me to host a two-day skirmish wargaming extravaganza! Comrade Patrick reports. Hullo dear reader! I’m back after an uncharacteristic pause on this here blog. It’s been a busy summer without a lot of time for gaming, I’m afraid. But now that the days are getting shorter and the autumn winds are picking up, … Continue reading Majesticon Day 1: Nightwatch and Open Combat

Speed painting Imperial Guard test models with oil paints

Inspiration Marco Frisoni mini painting tutorials get me excited to sit down and try things. When he tossed out a "this is already quite interesting" remark halfway through this week's video on oil painting, I couldn't help but think "you're right Marco, I should speed paint an Imperial Guard army like this!" I've been orbiting … Continue reading Speed painting Imperial Guard test models with oil paints

Modular Frostgrave utility pieces

I built several versatile terrain pieces to supplement the standard board tiles in our collaborative modular Frostgrave terrain board. These "utility pieces" are helpful for breaking up boring flat areas, blocking line of site, providing traversal, and approximating urban features. Let me give you a tour. The building blocks of fun Dungeon tiles and stackers … Continue reading Modular Frostgrave utility pieces